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American Dreaming. A new film due for release in Summer 2015 - providing it gets donations to go towards finishing. I urge you all to watch this trailer, paying close attention to around 1:58 when you see all the old designers in the coffee house. Think of the stories they have to tell, about the people, cars, style, etc of that golden era of American Styling. Then go to to donate and help this become a reality.

Ford Exterior Chief talking about car design process in general, and how to sketch a good design.

A couple of years old now, but good advice from A.v.H.

Aston Martin Design Prototype-100 - Gran Turismo 6 Concept. Not convinced by the front end. Treatment around the headlamps leave a lot to be desired. Side profile, rear graphic, and everything else: stunning.

Buick//BASF CCS Design Collaboration Project